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About Coloured Bathrooms

Coloured Bathrooms are one of the largest suppliers of discontinued and coloured bathroom equipment in the UK. We stock over 20,000 items in over 90 different colours including two tone and decorations. Including coloured baths, panels, basins, toilets, coloured seats, shower trays etc. We also specialise in products by Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard, Royal Doulton, Twyfords, Selles, Chatsworth, Trent, Shires, Qualitas, Jacob Delaphon, Spring bathrooms, Balterley, Fordham, Johnson Brothers and many more.  We deliver Nationwide to homes and businesses and work with a number of leading insurance companies.
We are a customer focused family business and our specialist sales team can try and help you with any problems identifying items and offering replacements for them. Do not worry if you are not sure of the item you require or the colour. Customers find it useful to send us a photo via email or post in order for us to identify the item. It also benefits customer to send us colour samples on occasions were they are unsure of the colour and we can match for them.
We also offer a re glaze service. This is useful were certain items are no longer available and we are able to re glaze the pottery as originally made to different colours. We have a specialist team that under takes this process.